Established special steel player

One of the established players in Indian special steel market. They wanted to augment their capacity with more enhanced product/grades mix

Strategic roadmap to achieve desired Capacity augmentation plan, to be a market leader with enhanced EBIDTA/ ton


• Client has been in the market for many years
• They had very high focus on select product and selected markets in special steel
• As next growth phase, they wanted to grow in other attractive products and markets in India
• They wanted to gain understanding on potential for all special products (Wire rod, RCS, Bright bars etc) across segments
• Set-out clear roadmap for future capacity , product mix, grade mix , size mix
• Take informed decision on expansion plan


• Detailed assessment of special market for all products, grades and its applications
• Competition market share, target markets, their strengths and weaknesses
• Individual segments outlook evaluation
• Established end sector linkages (Power, Auto, Agri etc.) and future demand projections
• Estimated market growth, future demand, demand drivers and enabler
• Insights gathering through primary research on current need gaps, demand mapping by customer segments and arriving at grades vs segment matrix
• Ascertained plant capabilities (grades, size mix) required to address future demand


• Target setting for special steel products
• Could decide Grades-mix portfolio for special steel products
• Backward linkage for billets/ blooms requirement and capacity allocations for billets/ blooms
• Expected NSRs • Strategic inputs for Annual Business Plan
• Action plan to achieve targeted market share