Our team combines profound expertise in metals and mining with digital, data-driven case experience, ensuring comprehensive solutions.


Sachin Shetty

Managing Partner

With 22+ years in Research-Based Consulting, skilled in advising clients on strategic initiatives, offering valuable expertise and insights.


Rahul Joshi


Over 24 years experience, oversee project execution, provide strategic direction. Led 250+ market research and advisory projects across India, SEA, ME.

Sujit Santra

Principal Consultant

With over 22 years' experience, offer guidance and support across project lifecycles. Contributed to 200+ engagements spanning various industries.


Deekshith Shetty

Engagement Manager

Bringing 14+ years' expertise in project planning, team management, and quality assurance. Extensive experience in business strategy, analysis, and global expansion.

Saibal Modak

Managing Consultant

With over 9 years of experience, specialize in strategic analysis, opportunity identification, stakeholder and team management, and marketing campaigns.


Jitesh Sharma

Senior Consultant

With 6+ years of experience, played a pivotal role in managing Streetsense business, building rapport, and serving as a trusted advisor. Specialize in Market Transparency and opportunity assessment.

Kanthesh Shetty


With over 5 years' experience, oversee end-to-end project delivery, ensuring client strategic goals are achieved. Expert in research and data-driven recommendations.



Conducting in-depth research and analysis to gather actionable insights. Contributed to 15+ impactful projects through market analysis and client engagement.

Kavitha B

HR & Admin

In charge of managing administrative duties and handling various human resources tasks within the organization's operations.

Christi Mathai

Business Analyst

Proficient in information gathering and analysis, offering decision support by evaluating options, assessing outcomes, and providing recommendations to management.

Vimanyu Rajved

Senior Associate

Accurate data gathering and interpretation for actionable insights. Successfully completed critical market assessment projects across various steel industry product segments.

Akshay Jain


Specialize in data gathering, ensuring research findings' accuracy, validity, and reliability. Keep abreast of field advancements, adept at stakeholder relationship building and network expansion.

Abdul Malik


Performing comprehensive literature reviews, gathering primary interview data, ensuring research findings' accuracy. Expert in price tracking, understanding long steel product market dynamics.

Numan Ashil


Aiding in data collection and consolidation, integrating insights, and implementing best practices in analysis. Proficient in providing actionable insights for strategic decision-making.

Kunal Thakkarar

Social Media and Digital marketing

Tasked with managing and expanding Quesrow's presence across professional social media platforms for enhanced outreach and engagement.

Pravin Umade


Supporting data collection through primary interviews and secondary sources. Maintaining precise records of all research projects.