Coal, Crude oil, Petroleum products import trends in India FY2013-14 to 2022-23

  • April 23, 2024
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➣ Over the last ten years, the Net Import of coal steadily increased from 143.34 MT in 2012- 13 to 216.54 MT in 2014-15

➣ This was followed by a marginal decline in 2 successive years but has started increasing and reached to 247.51 MT in 2019-20

➣ During 2022-23(P), there is a sharp increase of 14.08% in the net import of coal w.r.t the FY: 2021-22 – During FY:2022-23(P), the net-import of coal came out to be 236.51 MT as compared to 207.31 MT during FY:2021-22

Crude oil:

➣ Imports of crude oil have increased from 184.80 MT during 2012-13 to 226.95 MT during 2019-20

➣ During FY: 2020-21 the same has been reduced to 196.46 MT, a reduction of 13% over the FY: 2019-20 owing to the COVI-19 pandemic

➣ During FY:2022-23(P) the fuel import has again experienced a growth of 2.33% over previous year and reached 232.73 MT

Petroleum products:

➣ The export of petroleum products has increased rather slowly from 60.40 MT during 2011-12 to 65.69 MT during 2019-20

➣ During FY:2020-21 the same has been reduced to 56.77 MT which again rose to 62.75 MT during FY:2021-22

➣ During FY:2022-23(P) the same stood at 61.04 MT registering a negative growth of close to -2.73%

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